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Monolith Achievements

8 June 2017, Thursday, 1:34:01


Monolith Achievements 

Humble Beginnings
Reach the Excavation (Floor 1).


Archive Diving
Reach the Archives (Floor 2).


Reach the Maintenance System (Floor 3).


Molten Core
Reach the Bellows (Floor 4).


End Layer
Reach the Sanctum (Floor 5).


Leave that poor cat alone.


Accursed One
Defeated the Overlord.


Master of the Unseen
Get an S Rank in Secrets (Find all secrets)


Thorough Explorer
Get an S Rank in Exploration (Visit all rooms)


Speed Runner
Get an S Rank in Time (Under 20 minutes).


Tag Champion
Become the reigning tag champion.


Get an S Rank in Damage (10 hits or fewer)


Get all 4 S Ranks in one run.


Treasure Trove
Finished a run with a score of 100,000.


Ego Sum Aeternae


Power Internal
Won without getting any upgrades.


Won without getting any weapons.



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