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Monsters’ Den: Godfall Cheats

9 July 2017, Sunday, 0:28:46


Bonus/Unlockable Classes

If you help out a faction enough (500 reputation), you get access to new classes to hire- Basically new mercs with talent trees from two separate base classes, i.e. The Enforcer has the Battle Tree from the Warrior and the Retribution Tree from the Cleric.

Enforcer: Battle and Retribution

Spellwarden: Battle and Sorcery

Mage lord: Sorcery and Command

Underboss: Blade and Command

Blademaster: Battle and Blade

Scout: Archery and Trickster

Nemesis: Archery and Retribution

There are also non-faction based classes: (at least in the beta-version)

Druid: Arcane and Nature

Ascetic: Arcane(?) and Divine

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