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Monsters’ Den: Godfall – The Divine Tree Guide

13 July 2017, Thursday, 13:46:45


The Divine Tree Guide

A look at all of the skills in the divine tree. Explains the fundamental ideas of the divine tree, what it offers, and an explanation of the uses of all of the skills in the tree.





The divine skill tree focuses on healing party members, purging debuffs, and buffing allies. It excels at providing utility to the team and keeping party members healthy. The divine skill tree does not allow for use of heavier armor types and restricts use of swords, axes, and most pole arms. Characters with the divine skill tree can subclass to become confessors.


Active Abilities
Healing Flash
A quick heal that heals for a slightly reduced amount (using heal as a baseline) and causes the target to lose 0.1 action. This skills is about as efficient as the normal heal skill in terms of power and can output more healing over a few turns because it’s a half action. This skills pretty situational so use our best judgement.


Heals a target party member. A very simple skill that will act as the baseline for healing skills throughout the guide. Fairly self explanatory.


Heal All
Heals the entire party. This skill becomes power efficient when you can heal two targets with it, however the more targets you can heal the better. Good for when multiple characters are in jeopardy of dieing, or when the whole party can be healed. Try to avoid using it too much because the power cost is quite hefty.


Shield of Faith
Grants a target character damage of absoprtion based on level tier. This skill scales very poorly and it really isn’t worth the power cost even though it uses no action. Unless your producing an energy surplus there are better thigns you can be doing with your energy.


A buff to armor, damage output, and power regen. Normally a quick action but can be upgraded into an instant action. Unfortunately the power cost is a bit too much for the effect so there aren’t many situations where you would want to use this. Suffers fromt he same issue as shield of faith where you’ll normally have better things to do with your power.


Heals a target for an amount based on their action clock, draining the action clock int he process, as well as removing one turn from any buffs. Because this skill is an instant action, you can use it to heavily heal your whole team very quickly. Unfortunately the downside is quite a hefty one. It’s best to use fthis when multiple characters are in jeopardy and heal all just won’t do. Again, use your best judgement.


Cleanses the target of any poison, curse, or mental conditions, as well as increasing debuff resistances for two turns. Can be upgraded to an instant action. You won’t use this often but there are some circumstances where it can be more efficient than waiting to heal someone, however this usually doesn’t happen. You’ll normally want to use this to remove very heavy damage over time conditions, or other similarly crippling debuffs.


Increases the damage on the targets next attack by 75%. This is a very straightforward ability which is very powerful when used properly. The best way to use this is to set up comboes with heavy damage dealers on the party to deliver massive amounts of damage in a very short amount of time. For example, you can use this to buff your warrior and then use cleave to inflict serious damage, if not kill the enemy front liners. Definitely a staple of the divine tree.


Brings the target back from the dead, giving them health roughly equal to what your heal skill provides, as well as anointing them. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and someone ends up six feet under. In those cases this skill can be a life saver (literally). The mana cost is heavy but it’s usually worth reviving the fallen party member. The anoint that comes with it is nice also but isn’t the primary draw.



Passive Abilities
Increases healing done by 5% for each surviving enemy. A solid passive skill that gives a signifcant boost to healing when you need it most. Not much else can be said about this skill.


Unwavering Faith
Start battles with a shield of faith. This is a very negligible passive because unfortunately shield of faith is pretty worthless to begin with. The shield here doesn’t cost you anything though, so it’s a fair investment of one point if you don’t have any better options. Don’t expect this to save your life though, it’s a very minor buff.


At start of each turn, give one random party member +8 power and reduce the cooldown on all of their skills by 1 turn. This a strong ability that has the potential to greatly increase your teams damage output because of the cooldown reductions. Unfortunately this will often times hit targets that don’t really need it. Regardless of this it’s a strong ability because of the boost that it sometimes does give.


Desperate Prayer
If you would die there’s a 25% chance that instead don’t die and gain health equal to what your heal gives. You’ll very rarely get any use out of this making it a very low priority skill. Pick it up when you’ve gotten all of the useful abilities and don’t have much else to skill besides negligible passives.


Fighting Styles
Grants immunity to harmful effects as well as giving your healing abilities a 25% chance of purging harmful effects from the target. There are two situations where you’ll want to use this skill. The first being when there are debuffs that you want to purge from a target but they don’t warrant use of purify. The second is when playing the character as a front liner to avoid debuffs.


Gives the user +10 evasion, as well as giving adjacent allies +3 power regen and health regen based on the users endurance. Great as a default stance and you’ll probably be using it most of the time on a conventional healer. it provides a huge boost to health regen for adjacent allies as well as the other perks. Works best in a party with one front liner and three back liners with the character using radiance placed so that all of the party members benefit from radiance.


Divine Guidance
Gives +50 accuracy as well as causing divine guidance to be applied to enemies hit, preventing them from evading. Very good for dealing with highly evasive enemies. Use this to set up attacks for your damage dealers when you’re dealing with those pesky rats or spider spawnlings.



The Confessor



Heal an ally to full health and remove all negative conditions. Very strong heal that’s perfect for getting people out of sticky stuations. Best used on targets with a lot of endurance to get the most out of it.





Gives all allies max health equal to 30% of the users max health as well as +10% healing received. A solid buff that’s good for when you don’t have much else to do. Best used to protect against heavy damage preemptively.





Greatly reduces the damage done by the target. Removed when the target takes damage. A very situational skill. You won’t be using this very often, if ever. The only times when this is helpful is when there’s a very heavy damage dealer that can’t be handled in any other way, or to postpone a boss to set up a damage combo.

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