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MotoGP™18 PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

7 June 2018, Thursday, 8:13:27

The default control scheme for MotoGP™18 for PC is:

PC Keyboard Controls



A – Accelerate

C – Change Camera

Up Arrow Key – Rider Up

Down Arrow Key – Rider Down

Left Arrow Key – Steer Left

Right Arrow Key – Steer Right

Z – Front Brake / Reverse

Alt – Rear Brake

X – Gear Up

S – Gear Down

F – Rear View

ESC – Pause

T – Increases TCS

G – Decreases TCS

D – Rewind

W – Tuck In

Num4 – View Left

Num2 – View Down

Num6 – View Right

Num8 – View Up




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