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My Summer Car Cheat Codes

28 October 2016, Friday, 3:03:47


Cheat codes are entered in the console in the Options menu.

Note: Cheats are entered in the graphics menu in Options and activated by pressing Enter (while being alive) (some Steam versions)

Note2: Cheats might not work at all (most recent version on Steam)


Cheat Code   –    Result

hemo – teleport to Home
lefa – teleport to Car Repair Shop
drag – teleport to the Airstrip for drag races
sale – teleport to The Shop
time6 – rewind time
date3 – change day of week
poor*** – add money (replace the asterisks with a number, e.g. poor10000)
keke – become immortal
rcar – move the car Satsuma back Home
rvan – move the Van back Home
rtra – bring the Tractor back Home
rbed – get sleep
weat – change the weather
seiv – save the game

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