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MyWorld – Action RPG Maker PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

30 April 2017, Sunday, 13:13:36


Key Bindings
Play mode
F1 – unhides / hides control help
W A S D – Hero movement
Ctrl or double tap direction – Hero roll (can be switched off in settings)
Alt – Drink health potion
Mouse L – Tap to perform 3 hit combo
Mouse R – Long distance swing
Shift – Sprint
1 2 3 4 – Hero Abilities
U – Interact
Tab – Lockon / off targets
L – Open quest tracker
T – Teleport back to checkpoint
ESC – Bring up / close edit mode
H – Back to HubWorld
F10 – Screenshot mode
M – Hides/unhides mouse


Edit Mode
Delete – Pick up object, press delete to delete it
1 – Object mode
2 – Paint terrain mode
3 – Raise/lower (sculpt) terrain mode
4 – Flatten terain to selected level
5 – Smooth terrain
6 – Create terrain ramp
W A S D – Fly camera
Right click – Pivots camera
Mouse wheel – Zooms in / out
Ctrl (when placing big items)Cancels the auto flatten effect
Ctrl (held in when placing down a terrain object) – Inverts selected terrain piece
Shift (held down during item / terrrain placement) – Auto select last placed object
R – Rotate object.
Shift + R – Rotate object 90degress
Z – Undo las action.
i – Picks up colour from floor in paint terrain mode.
[ and ] – Increase / descrease size of paint / sculpt brush
Esc – Back to play Mode
F4 – Name world
F5 – Send world to workshop
F6 – Steam Help guides (requires steam overlay)
F11 – Settings
F10 – Hides library bar
M – Hides/unhides mouse


Multiplayer worlds
Enter – Open / Close chat
F2 (in a pvp deathmatch, as host) – Start Game
F3 (as host) – Select new world to host (players will be placed in a waiting screen)

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