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Next Day: Survival PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

28 July 2017, Friday, 22:06:56


PC Controls

The default control scheme for Next Day: Survival for PC is:

WASD – Forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right

Space or Right Shift – Jump

Left Shift or End – Run

Z – Lie Down

Left Ctrl or X – Crouch

X or C – Squat

N or V – Sit Down

Numpad 6 or B – Surrender

F1 – Welcome

F2 – Hint

F3 – FAQ

Numpad5 or F4 – Mask on face

Mouse wheel – Change camera

LALT + mouse – View character

Enter or F – Interaction

Numpad4 or L – Flashlight / headlamp

1 – Primary weapon 1

2 – Primary weapon 2

3 – Additional weapon

NumpadSub or Backspace – Remove weapon

Numpad1 or R – Reload

NumpadDiv or E – Count cartridges

RMB – Aim

MMB – Aim type

LMB – Strike / Shoot

NumpadMult or LCTRL – Shooting mode

F6 or T – Voice communication

ESC – Pause / Close / Cancel

Numpad7 or I or TAB – Inventory

Home or M – Map

Numpad9 or P – List of playeres

PgUp or J – Active quests

Insert or K – Skills

RCTRL – Show / hide chat

ENTER – Write in chat

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