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Nioh How to Unlock the Barber Menu?

3 February 2017, Friday, 18:27:07


Hair and beard customization
To unlock the Barber menu for hair and beard customization, spend a lot of money at the blacksmith (quickest way is to buy the “Book Of Reincarnation” item). This will give you patronage points which you can exchange for unlocks at the blacksmith. Then, press Triangle to talk to Tome at the blacksmith (while in the Blacksmith menu). Select “I have a request for Tome”, and then “Unlock Barber Menu”. You will be using the blacksmith a lot over the course of the game. All money you spend counts (even forging, reforging, etc.). Only one patronage point is required to unlock the Barber menu. Select a new hair style or beard to get the “Fashionista” trophy.

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