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OKAMI HD – Easter Eggs

12 January 2018, Friday, 13:18:49


Easter Eggs

Just a small compilation of small secrets you may find amusing. Achievement-wise they’re useless, but still fun to try!

Like, try Blooming a person. Any person. They’ll get hearts around them and they’ll be surrounded by flowers for a brief moment. Some will even run towards you to pet your adorable wolf head, like Kushi does when you meet her in the rice fields in Kamiki.

However, if you Bloom an Oina tribe’s member, no hearts and no affection ensue. Instead they’ll turn into their wolf shape. This allows you to see the wolf shape of Oinas that you normally don’t see, such as Lika, Tuskle and the merchant near the frozen lake.

Other techniques may also yield interesting results. All of them are very likely to startle and confuse people, and they’ll get a question mark in the thought bubble over their head.

Now. Remember Kamiki’s festival after defeating Orochi ? Maybe you also remember Karude, Mr. Bamboo and the Nameless Man all merrily drinking around a barrel of Thunder Brew sake. They’re happy right? It’s nice right??

Well you can make their night truly special by using Watersprout to link the barrel’s contents to them. You’ll discover that they all pass out from too much sake and feature some new, funny lines thanks to Issun.

If you get far enough from them that they disappear from your sights, then approach them again, you’ll find all of them hungover and with a terrible headache. Congrats, you are officially the god of sake.


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