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Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – Door Access Codes

8 April 2018, Sunday, 20:55:13

Door Access Codes

Starting Room/First Safe Room: 1234
Code: On the bed you’ll find a Diary with the code in it.
Door: Only one in the room.


First Hall: 151324
Code: You’ll find a codex in the Diary upon entering the hall, and the code written on the wall in blood.
Door: At the end of the Hall.


Second Safe Room: 987321
Code: On the couch in the parlor at the bottom of the stairs will be a Diary with the code.
Door: At the top of the stairs, go left.


Forest/Garden: 3851
Code: Across the foyer from the second safe room, you’ll find a dining room with a Diary on the table.
Door: Next to the couch in the parlor where you find the code to the second safe room.


Bathroom: 426
Code: There are numbers written on the shower, toilet, and sink. Read the Diary in the bathroom for the sequence to enter these numbers.
Door: The one in the room that you did not use to enter.


Fan Hall: 995511
Code: On one of the gurneys you’ll find a Diary giving you the code and telling you to look behind the fans.
“Door”: In the unlocked door in the Fan Hall, you’ll find a computer where you can enter the code.


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