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Outlast 2 Additional Options Guide

24 April 2017, Monday, 18:49:14


Advanced INI File Options (For enthusiasts only)

Some additional options are available by editing the various INI files. Edit these files at your own risk and be aware that some combination of options may lead to graphical artefacts and crashes. All the INI files are located in:

%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Outlast2\OLGame\Config


Chromatic Aberration
You can disable the chromatic aberration effect by setting “AllowChromaticAberration” in “OLSystemSettings.ini” to “False”.


Borderless Fullscreen
If you want to play in borderless fullscreen mode, you can set the “UseBorderlessFullscreen” option to “True” in “OLSystemSettings.ini”. Note that in borderless fullscreen mode, it is possible that options like V-Sync and triple buffering are enforced by Windows.


Unlocked Frame Rate
If you want to running without V-Sync at a refresh rate higher than your monitor’s refresh rate, you can modify the “MaxSmoothedFrameRate” in “OLEngine.ini”. The game will look at this setting and the monitor’s refresh rate and pick whichever is the highest.


Sync Interval
If the games runs at a very irregular frame rate (lets say between 30 and 60 FPS), it might be preferable to simply lock it down to 30. This can be achieve by tweaking the “SyncInterval” in “OLSystemSettings.ini”. A SyncInterval of 2 for example, will V-Sync every 2 refreshes of your screen, make the game run at 30 FPS if your monitor is 60 Hz.

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