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Outlast 2 PS4 Controls Guide

24 April 2017, Monday, 23:56:09


The default control scheme for Outlast 2 for PS4 is:


Left Stick – Move Character
Right Stick – Move Camera
Square – Reload Weapon/Action Button
Triangle – Change Batteries (must have batteries)
O – Switch between standing/crouching
X – Jump/Vault
L1 – Run (hold the button while moving)
L2 – Lean (while standing behind object/wall)
L3 N/A
R1 – Equip/Unequip Camera
R2 – Lean (while standing behind object/wall)
R3 – Night Vision (while holding camera)
Share – Share Video
Start – Pause Game/Change Game Settings
D-pad UP – Zoom in (while holding camera)
D-pad DOWN – Zoom out (while holding camera)
D-pad RIGHT – Documents
D-pad LEFT – Notes

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