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Oxygen Not Included Cheats

14 March 2017, Tuesday, 15:41:11


You can force the game to make all the commands available. This can easily be done by just creating a simple (empty) text-file inside the ” OxygenNotIncluded_Data“-folder which is located at the root of the game-folder. The text-file needs to be named:

Note: The “.txt” is the extension! The filename should be “debug_enable”.

This allows you to use Debug-commands (A restart of the game is necessary). This is very useful for screen-shot purposes as you can disable all hud by pressing ALT + F1 in-game or unlock the camera so you can zoom further out. The Control-submenu is full of the commands, but please note that SOME of these commands will crash the game or just not work.


Start after adding debug_enable.txt file, then press backspace to open the debug options.


Important Cheats

Instant Build Mode   CTRL + F4

Invincible / God Mode   ALT + F7

Discover All Elements   CTRL + F9



All Cheats

DebugToggle    Backspace
ToggleProfiler    Backquote/Tilde

DebugVisualTest    SHIFT + F1
DebugGameplayTest    SHIFT + F2
DebugElementTest    SHIFT + F3
DebugRiverTest    SHIFT + F4
DebugTileTest    SHIFT + F5

DebugSelectMalerlia!    CTRL + 5
DebugToggleMusic    CTRL + M
DebugFocus    CTRL + T
DebugUltraTestMode    CTRL + U
DebugSpawnMinion    CTRL + F2
DebugPlace    CTRL + F3
DebugInstantBuildMode    CTRL + F4
DebugShowTestMode    CTRL + F5
DebugDig    CTRL + F6
DebugExplosion     CTRL + F8
DebugDiscoverAllElements    CTRL + F9
DebugTriggerException     CTRL + F12

DebugRefreshNavDell    ALT + N
DebugTeleport    ALT + O
DebugGotoTarget    ALT + O
DebugToggleSelectInEditor    ALT + T
DebugPathFinding     ALT + P
DebugReloadMods    ALT + M
DebugReloadLevel     ALT + L
DebugSuperSpeed    ALT + Z
DebugNotification    ALT + X
DebugNotificationMessage     ALT + C
DebugToggleUI     ALT + F1
DebugCollectGarbage     ALT + F3
DebugInvincible    ALT + F7
DebugApplyHighAudioReverb    ALT + F8
DebugApplyLowAudioReverb     ALT + F9
DebugForceLightEverywhere     ALT + F10
DebugCellInfo     ALT + F11

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