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Passpartout: The Starving Artist Achievement Guide

13 June 2017, Tuesday, 22:15:23


Passpartout: The Starving Artist Achievement Guide

Details for every single Achievement.
Managing Finances – Keep track of your cash flow!
Just use the cash register for the 1st time.


1 – A Less Controlled Approach – Use the Spray Can tool.
Just use the spray tool for the 1st time to paint, it appears automatically after some sales.


2 – A Diminutive Enterprise – Sell 10 Paintings
All in title, just “Sell 10 Paintings”.


3 – Cold Feet – Throw away a painting that is for sale.
Place a painting on the display and then click on the painting and on the red trashcan.


4 – Making an Impact
Impress the critic and finish act 1.


5 – A More Controlled Approach – Use the Steady Pen tool.
Just use the pen for the 1st time to paint, it appears automatically in act 2.


6 – Begone, beggar! Reject your biggest fan.
Refuse to sell to the client with the baguette.


7 – With a Steady Hand
Finish the act 2a in commercial art gallery.


8 – Enter Euphoria
Sell a lot of good paintings to a sort a clients so that they adore you !


9 – Million Dollar Babies
Finish the act3a2 in city building with business men.


10 – Two Score Half of Art – Sell 50 paintings.
All in title, just “Sell 50 paintings”.


11 – On a High Horse – Reject 20 bids.
Refuse to sell to 20 clients, just click on the red X 20 times.


12 – Obsessive – Create a masterpiece.
Spend more than 15 minutes on a single painting.


13 – Piece de Blanque
Put a blank canvas on display. (Among the colors, it’s light gray, not white, the default canvas is white.)


14 – Let’s just start over
Spend more than 3 minutes on a single painting and then don’t sell it, just click on the red trashcan in the left tools.


15 – Corny – Sell a painting for over 9000€
You will manage to do it in act 3 with euphoric clients. Prefer with business men or ladies.


16 – Colourful – Be creative!
You see the painting of the achievement image ? Yes ? Paint the same !


17 – Successful Delinquency
Finish the act2b in night street.


18 – Feeling the Carpal Tunnel – Sell 100 paintings.
All in title, just “Sell 100 paintings”.


19 – The Ladies Swoon
Finish act3a1 with the ladies in the castle.


20 – Copycat – The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.
Just do twice the same painting. Very simple, just do twice blank canva.


21 – Flabberghasting!
Finish act3b1 with expressionists in expressionist art gallery.


22 – Art.
Finish act3b2 with minimalists in minimalist art gallery.


23 – Distracted – Make a lot of noise.
Click many times on the scenery items to make noise. Simplest is the demolition ball in the night street act2b.


24 – The Many Lives of Passpartout – Witness all endings.
Unlocks automatically after you get the 4 endings. Achievements : 17 Successful Delinquency – 19 The Ladies Swoon – 21Flabberghasting! – 22 Art

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