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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Attribute Points

7 May 2018, Monday, 18:35:21

Attribute Points

You are granted a pool of points to spend across your attributes where you see fit, to further customize your character. Attributes consist of:




• A character’s physical and spiritual strength. Affects Damage with all attacks, Healing, and the Fortitude defense.




• A combination of the character’s overall health and stamina. Affects Endurance, Health, and the Fortitude defense.




• An abstraction of a character’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and overall grace. Affects Action Speed and the Reflexes defense.




• A character’s senses, as well as their instinctive ability to pick up on details. Affects Accuracy with all attacks, the Range of all non-melee spells and abilities, and the Reflexes defense.




• A character’s logic and reasoning capabilities as well as their tactical instincts. Affects the size of all Area of Effects and the Will and Deflection defenses.




• A character’s inner drive, determination, and the emotional intensity they can project to others. Affects Concentration (to resist Interrupts), Durations of all spells and abilities, and the Will defense.


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