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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Full Attack vs Primary Attack

27 May 2018, Sunday, 13:28:23

Full Attack vs Primary Attack

Attacks based on weapons can be of two types: Full Attack or Primary Attack.


Behind those fancy names lies a very simple idea. In the event where your character is wielding a weapon in each hands and you use an ability where both weapons qualify to use it (such as two melee weapons for a melee only attack) the outcome of those two types of Attacks will change.


  • -Primary Attacks cause only the weapon in the main-hand to be used resulting in two attacks (and therefore two dice rolls)


  • -Full Attacks cause weapons in both hands to be used resulting in two attacks (and therefore two dice rolls)


This gives dual wielding two weapons a significant advantage over having only one weapon (no matter if it’s one-hand or two-hand style) when using Full Attacks but as this guide shows it’s not the only thing getting into consideration for the damage output.



Example of a Primary Attack ability: Knock Down.



Example of a Full Attack ability: Debilitating Strike.


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