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Pinstripe How to Get All Five Filmstrips and Unlock Vintage Mode Guide

1 May 2017, Monday, 20:17:30


1. Shoot the lamp (as I’ve already shot it, it doesn’t appear on the screenshot, however, it should be somewhere near the crosshair).




2. Raise the obstacle high enough.




3. Jump on the bed a lot of times (you can combine this with listening to the record, which is required to get the Infinite Songbird rifle during the apocalypse).




4. Complete the minigame without a single strike.




5. Get all the balls in the basket.




Vintage mode
Once you’ve got all five film strips and finished the game, start a new game and talk to the thing in the second room (under the very first frozen drop). Vintage mode turns the game into b/w. You can turn it off in the options.

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