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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition Cheats

12 April 2017, Wednesday, 13:49:38


How to Enable the Console

-(The following steps may vary somewhat based on what system you are running)
-Go into your “My Documents” folder (if you are on a Mac this will be called “Documents”)
-In it open the appropriate folder for the game you are playing (for instance “Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition”)
-Find the Planescape.lua file
-Open this file up using a Notebook, Wordpad, TextEdit, ConTEXT, or any other word processor
-Add this line to the file
SetPrivateProfileString(‘Program Options’,’Debug Mode’,’1′)
-Save the file (be sure it remains a .Lua file)

When you are playing the game you should now be able to hit Ctrl+Space and see a black box appear.

-Type in the appropriate code in the box and then hit enter.

Note: As of 2.0 the old code prefix “CLUAConsole:” no longer works. You can instead just use “C:”

Example: C:”code”()


Cheat Codes

C:ExploreArea() – Reveals map of the current area
C:SetCurrentXP( x ) – Sets the experience points of the currently selected characters to x. You can’t go higher than the experience cap of 2950000, however.
C:MoveToArea( x ) – Teleports selected characters to the area x. x must be in quotation marks.
C:AddGold( x ) – Adds x gold to your party total
C:CreateItem( x, y ) – Creates y number of item x. If y is ommited, one x will be created. x must be in quotation marks.
C:CreateCreature( x ) – Creates the monster x. x must be in quotation marks.

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