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Pokemon Go Cheats & Codes

13 July 2016, Wednesday, 1:49:23


Starter Pikachu
If you would like to choose Pikachu for your starter Pokémon, you’re going to have to turn down the option to recruit the other three starters that are in the immediate vicinity. If you keep declining any Pokémon that are first available, you’ll eventually do so often enough that a new option appears: Pikachu. Now you can start your adventure with the beloved electric-type Pokémon.

Leveling Rewards
As you level up your trainer, you’ll receive increasingly exciting rewards at the corresponding levels, as indicated below.

2 – Poke Ball x10
3 – Poke Ball x15
4 – Poke Ball x15
5 – Poke Ball x20, Potion x10, Revive x10, Incense
6 – Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Egg Incubator
7 – Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Incense
8 – Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x10, Lure Module
9 – Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x3, Lucky Egg

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