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Prey About Skills and Powers

14 May 2017, Sunday, 2:57:17


About Skills and Powers
1. Mindshock is a cornerstone skill recommended for any build whatsoever. Keep it at level 1 if you like, the 10 seconds power disable inflicted to any enemy is a massive advantage and will allow you to kill powerful enemies with much less effort.

2. For any build, get all the level 1 (1 or 2 Neuro cost) Human skills, they will be a good base for developing your build, not to mention useful. Not that in the game you can craft Neuromods with resources, and also find plenty. You will eventually be able to get 75% of all the skills in one playthrough.

3. Combat Focus is another cornerstone ability for any build, get it when possbile, keep it level 1 if you like, it will be enough.

4. Always equip modules that reduce Psi Cost, they will make a big difference in the long run.

5. A melee build based on Throwing and Wrench is viable, it will allow you to save much materials because you won’t need much ammo and upgrade kits, so probably get more Neuromods. This is a build i however do not recommend at first play-through as it can be difficult in certain situations.

6. Invest in the abilities that upgrade your Health and Psi pools maximum capacity. Suggest minimum of 200 Health and 150 Psi on any build.

7. Invest in the ability that doubles Food Healing, there is a LOT of food around Talos I and that will save you immense quantities of medkits.

8. Keep always a ceratin Module that will allow you to detect Mimics when they are transformed in objects, it will prove invaluable.

9. Get at least Level 1 Repair and Level 2 Hacking on any build, it will allow you to open a great deal of doors and containers, and access many areas.

10. Always get Level 1 Transformation skill, it will be invaluable to access many areas otherwise impossible to get into.

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