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Project CARS 2 – Wheel Force Feedback Settings

23 September 2017, Saturday, 16:37:27


Wheel Force Feedback Settings
Wheel feedback settings are at Options -> Controls -> Force Feedback tab

It’s the Volume control which changes wheel feel from light to heavy – think of it as wheel power output.

Gain is more like an effects input to the wheel – it’s possible to over-saturate a wheel causing loss of detail (‘clipping’). Once you have a Volume setting you like, try *reducing* Gain to maybe 90 or 80 to see if more road and tyre detail is revealed.

Tone changes the balance between surface feel and tyre slip feel – too much of one will eclipse the other.

FX is like a Gain control for just road surface detail, too much will definitely over-saturate (clip) force feedback on entry and mid-range wheels.


-Immersive puts feel through the wheel to make up for your butt not actually being in a real race car seat and although not strictly authentic, it adds to a sense of speed.
-Raw gives the most authentic, real-world feel of an actual race car wheel.
-Custom picks up feedback settings from the ‘ffb_custom.txt’ file in Documents/ProjectCARS2


Note that none of these are canned effects, all wheel effects naturally arise from the physics and tyre models running within the sim. These sliders amplify and attenuate aspects of what naturally falls out of the simulation model. The adjustment is available because high-end wheels have more headroom and so are less likely to clip that mid-range wheels but that headroom can diminish with age plus people have different expectations of what a sim should feel like.

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