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Rakuen Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide

11 May 2017, Thursday, 17:18:50


Walkthrough Part 1:


-The regular arrow keys allow you to move
-SPACE or ENTER to interact with objects, people, etc.
-Press “Esc” to access the menu. You can check what quests you’re on by selecting
“Journal,” access items here, and save your game.
-Press “Q” to interact with Mom or ask her for hints when she has them (once she’s with




Rakuen Portals:

Leeble Inn -> Uma’s Hideout
Next to Winston/Gemma’s Tent -> Sue/Gemma’s Bathroom
Top of Midnight Tea Shop -> Kisaburo’s Room
Inside Midnight Tea Shop -> Top right room in hospital
Map to the left of Leeble Village (inside Sue’s cave) -> Door next to Sue’s bed (hospital)


First hospital area:

1.) Once you leave your room, you’ll need to find Winston and Sue’s room (it’s the room
in the bottom right corner of the hospital). Try to enter their bathroom. Sue will interrupt
you, saying that she’ll let you use their bathroom if you find one of her lost marbles. To
get the marble, look in the pile of plushies next to Danielle (Danielle is located in the
cafeteria, which you can reach via the double doors at the northernmost part of the main
hospital hall).


2.) Give the marble to Sue, she’ll let you use their bathroom. Flush the toilet, and then
interact with the toilet again to get the key to Tony’s bathroom. Tony’s room is located
right underneath your room on the left side of the hospital hall. Go into Tony’s room in
order to turn on the 5B power source.


3.) Get enough gold in order to buy Peanut Chew Chews from the vending machine.
There is gold scattered throughout drawers and lockers in the hospital. Give Peanut Chew
Chews to the Shift Leader (lady with ponytail right outside Sue’s room). Examine the
shelves behind the counter once she leaves for her break. Get the PASSCODE from the
3rd shelf.


4.) Go to the door in the bottom left corner of the hospital hall. Now that the power’s been
turned on, you can examine the door and you’ll see a place to enter in the code. This
allows you to go in. You’ll see an old man walking away. Find the cabinet key in the
shelf. This will allow you to access the PASSCODE which lets you into the next room.


5.) Push the boxes on the left until you reach the switch on the wall. Pull the switch, it
will open the door on the right. You’ll find the key the room you just opened. Use it to
open the locked door. That door will lead you to a room with 3 sliding glass doors in a
construction zone. At this point, check the desk on your left to find a CARD KEY. Go to
the door on your right. Interact with the little square on the wall (there is a tiny flashing
red light on it). Put the CARD KEY in, which will open the door. Go through and get
another CARD KEY from that tiny room. Return to the larger construction zone room,
remove the CARD KEY from its holder (now you should have two in your inventory).
Use both of those to open the sliding glass doors on your left. This allows you to access
the tiny area in the upper left, and find the 3rd CARD KEY. Make sure all 3 are inserted
into their holders, and the central door will open.


6.) After the cutscene with Uma, and the Rakuen reading… there is an envelope on the
floor with the following riddle:
Break me and I’ll multiply becoming sharp as a tack
But if all you do is smile at me, I’ll only smile back
The answer is a mirror… Indicating that you should check the mirror in your bathroom
(you have a bathroom in your room). There is a key there. Return to the place where you
met Uma. Use the key to go through his door… this will lead to Morizora’s Forest.



Morizora’s Forest and Cave:

1.) Eventually you’ll want to make your way to the upper-left quadrant of the map. There
is a Cave there. Uma will give you a map as you enter, which can be accessed anytime
inside the Cave by pressing “A”. Use this to navigate.


2.) You need to find two switches in order to drain the lake. In order to do this, you have
to solve a bunch of different puzzles. If you start by going to the right, you’ll find a
“Lethargio Golem” who is blocking switch #1. In order to move him, you need to bring
him a Sila Apple. To get a Sila Apple, you have to help grow the tiny Sila plant in the
room that’s directly to the right of the Golem. Help him grow by finding his 3 “feet” (his
roots). One needs water, one needs sunlight, and one needs dirt.


3.) FOOT #1 is located directly to the right of the Sila plant. However, in order to get him
water, you’ll need to do the following: Go directly south of the Sila plant. There is a
puzzle here with a treasure chest in the center. To get the treasure (which contains a
BLUE STONE KEY) you’ll have you to step on the squares around it in the proper order.
You can find the proper order by talking to the Minimori (little purple owl creatures) in
the room directly to your right. Look at their names. Look at how they’re standing (the
same formation as the square in the other room). Their names say “Minmori 1” or
“Minimori 7” etc. That number indicates the order you’ll need to step on the blocks.


4.) Once you have the BLUE STONE KEY you can return to the thirsty plant’s room.
Use it to open the door. Trigger the switch to release the water. Now he’s happy! Let’s go
to the next FOOT… Return to the puzzle room where you got the BLUE STONE KEY.
Now go to the left, and down the stairs. There is a little cutscene here featuring Sue’s
alter-ego. She’s looking for her friend. Follow the path to the left… eventually you’ll get
to a part of the cave where a FOOT asks for sunlight. Go up the stairs to a room where
the Sunflower, kreyg, and Lil’ Budz are hanging out. Step on all 3 cracks in the floor
twice (you’ll hear a noise indicating that you did it correctly). Return to the room below
and now the sunlight is shining through, and the FOOT is happy!


5.) Now you’ll need to return to the main part of the Cave and tackle the left side. From
here, go left and jump (by pressing SPACE) onto all the rocks. The goal is to turn them
all blue. There is a path that allows you to not have to backtrack. If you mess up, and it’s
not easily repaired, feel free to leave the room and come back because it will reset. Once
you turn all the rocks blue, the door above will open. Go into that room and get the PIG
REPELLENT. Come back to the jumping puzzle room and make your way to the room
where you have to fall down holes. Go to where the Minimori (purple owl creature) is
standing and fall down the hole near him. You’ll drop right next to the treasure chest. Get


6.) You’ll need to do a couple more things: Find the room with the Truffulos (snobby
mushrooms), and trade the PIG REPELLENT for some tasty dirt, as well as some
Truffulo perfume. Give the dirt to the hungry FOOT (thereby completing the Sila Tree
event), and find the PIG. While in that room, press Esc to get to your ITEMS. Use the
Truffulo perfume, and then interact with the PIG. He’ll follow you now. Take the PIG to
the room with the rocks blocking the door (this room also has a Tulip and Cave Bud). Let
the PIG eat the rocks. Now you can go into the room with the Western SWITCH. Pull it.
7.) Go to the right until you reach the now fully grown Sila Cave Tree. It’s so happy, it’ll
give you a Sila Apple. Bring the Sila Apple to the Lethargio Golem, who will eat the
apple and now be full of energy, zooming off and allowing you to enter the room above
him. Pull the Eastern SWITCH. Now return to the main area… get Jacky his tools… talk
to Jacky, and he’ll cut the bamboo, allowing you to keep going up until you reach Morizora’s Grove.



Making your Axe/Finding Winston:

1.) Visit Jacky in Leeble Village. He’ll make you an axe if you bring him the proper
materials. You need 5 Camphor Sticks and 3 Nightstones. Go to the lower right corner of
the map, talk to the sign, and go to the area beyond the sign. Collect your materials,
return to Jacky, and you now have an axe (which you can use to chop bamboo as well as
the boarded up doors in the hospital). After getting your CAT’S EYE MARBLE return to
the hospital via the portal in the Leeble Inn (at the center of the village).


2.) Visit Sue and Winston’s room again (lower right room in the hospital hall). Give Sue
the CAT’S EYE MARBLE, she’ll give you a Peanut Chew Chew which you can use to
make the Shift Leader (who is trying to fix the wall in their bathroom) take a break. Chop
the door down in the bathroom, go through the door that leads back to Morizora’s Forest.


3.) Talk to Winston and ask him to make you a boat. Go inside the tent, and go through
the door to begin the Winston/Gemma quest.



Runebearer #1: Gemma

1.) In the first room, you’ll need to go into the bathroom. Pick up the glass vial that’s
sitting on top of the counter, and trigger the first switch (in order to remove the box that’s
blocking the door in the other room). Go back out, and then through the unblocked door.
a.) Go all the way up and to the room on the left and search the shelves/cabinets. You
should find a WRENCH, as well as a SMALL CABINET KEY which allows you to open
the cabinet next to the bed in the first room.
b.) Exit and go to the room the forks to the right. Use the WRENCH on the broken sink
in order to get the BOOKSHELF CABINET KEY.
c.) Return to the room that forks to the left, and use that key to open the bookshelf cabinet
(the one in the center). You’ll receive Hydrogen Peroxide.
d.) Return to the first room to open the cabinet by the bed in order to get Cream of Tartar.
e.) Go back to the room that forks to the left… Use the Hyrogen Peroxide and Cream of
Tartar in the beakers that are sitting on the counter. This will give you the RUST
SOLUTION, which you can now use on rusted lockers.
f.) Return to the main room to open the locker that’s next to the phone in order to get the
g.) Go to the bathroom and fill the sink. Then fill the BUCKET. Go to the room that forks
left, and use the BUCKET to pour water into the hole in the ground, which allows the
WOODEN KEY to float to the top.
h.) Return to the original room and you can now open the door.


2.) Search around the area for envelopes on the ground. Once you examine an envelope,
the word inside will appear in writing on the wall. Go to the room in the upper right
corner to pull the switch. This will open the center room. Go there to find the envelope,
with the word HEVENLET inside. Now the words on the wall will make a complete
sentence, but some of the words are scrambled. Unscramble to reveal the following
“Please meet me on March eleventh.”
Which translates to the voicemail passcode: 311.
*Note that you have to examine all of the envelopes in order to proceed, otherwise when
you try to enter the passcode, the Boy will say he can’t guess it.
Return to the room you started in, enter the passcode and listen to your voicemail. The
first two messages are from Gemma’s sister, who is warning her about something that you
will learn about later on. The last message tells you to set the Monoplace Chamber air
mask to 21%. Go down, and to the lowest room on the map… interact with the
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Control Panel and set it to 21%. This will cause a door to
appear above you which you can now go through.


3.) Speak with the Chief, then after the cutscene go into the tent and down the stairs. In
this room, push the box in the lower right in order to make a hole appear, then jump
down. The switch you need to trigger in order to drain the water is in the bottom right
part of the map. Once the water is drained, follow the path to the bottom left corner of the
map in order to get the GATE KEY from the treasure chest. Follow the path to the upper
right corner and now you can use the key to open the door.


4.) After the Hikaribana festival cutscene, go into the tent. In the next room, fill the
bathroom sink with water, then use that to fill your BUCKET. Use the FILLED
BUCKET to water the plant at the top of the room (you’ll need to water it twice). The
plant will then grow into a beanstalk that you can climb.


5.) The next major puzzle room is filled with Envoy.
a.) Try your best to avoid them. You’ll see a door in the central lower part of the map
with green and red lights on either side. Go to the lower right corner of the map, and go
down the hole. Walk through the water to trigger the switch, then walk back and exit the
water (don’t try to keep going up). The switch will remove the spikes in the upper right
part of the map that is currently blocking that top right corner. Now you can go there, and
you’ll see two big doors. Go through the right door, and up the beanstalk. In that tiny
room, turn on the lamp (you’ll notice the color of the room is reddish). Go back
downstairs until you’re at the place with the two doors… take the left door, and go up that
beanstalk. In that tiny room you’ll have to interact with the lamp three times in order to
set the room to a green color. Once you’ve finished this, you can leave the sewer, and that
door with the lights on it will now be open.
b.) Go through the door in the central lower part of the room, and interact with the water
pump in order to drain the water. Then return to the bottom floor (via the beanstalk in the
lower right corner). Now the water will be drained, and you can walk to the top. This
leads to a box puzzle. Pull the switch. Return to the other room, and the central arched
door will now be accessible. Go through, and then up the beanstalk in that room. Now
you can leave this area.


6.) In the next major room, you’ll receive a call explaining that you need to use the codes
on the bulletin boards in order to escape. You’ll need to enter these numbers in once you
reach the locked gates and are being followed by the Envoy.
The first gate passcode (Gate B1): 289
The second gate passcode (Gate B2): 371


7.) Keep going until you get to the next puzzle. The journal on the ground says:
Once we’ve walked through all of the seasons once more…
From spring until winter…
To solve this puzzle, you have to turn on the lamps in each room in the correct order
based on what season each lamp triggers (following the guide of: spring -> summer ->
autumn -> winter). The rooms are set up as follows:
winter summer
spring autumn
So go to spring first and turn on the lamp (lower left map), then summer (top right), then
autumn (bottom right), then winter (top left).


8.) There are a few cutscenes afterwards, which culminate with Gemma singing her song.
After you return to Morizora’s Forest (via the tent) and speak with Winston, he now
agrees to make you a boat to sail to Tony.



The Music Box:

1.) Outside the tent, ask Winston to make you a boat. He agrees and asks you to bring
him materials (10 bamboo, and a sail from Danielle). There is plenty of bamboo inside
and around Leeble Village (near Danille and Jacky’s huts, near the entrance to Morizora’s
Cave, in the area southeast of the village, etc.).


2.) To get the sail, visit Danielle (her hut is in Leeble village, it’s marked with a Leeble
plushie picture). When you ask her to make the sail, she requests 3 Korshal wool, which
you can get from the Korshal Farmer who lives in the sky. In order to get there, you must
use the BUCKET (which you can fill with water via any sink in the hospital) to water the
plant in the Boy’s room in the hospital. Return to Leeble Village, and go to the top of the
map up on the little hill. The beanstalk should be fully grown now, so you can climb up
to the Korshal Farm and request some from the Farmer. Return to Danielle and she’ll
make you a sail.


3.) Once you have the sail and bamboo, return to Winston and he’ll build you a boat. Sail
to Tony’s island and talk with him to learn that he’s lost his MUSIC BOX. You’ll offer to
help find it. In order to retrieve it, you’ll need 30G to purchase HOT COFFEE from the
vending machine and bring it to Tony in the hospital (he’s in the room directly under the
Boy’s room, which is the middle room on the left side of the hospital hallway). Once you
give him coffee, he’s cool with you and you can offer to help him. He lets you attempt to
fix his music box to keep you busy. Pick up the MUSIC BOX, and bring it back to Bear


4.) You quickly learn the music box is broken, so you have to visit Blacksmith Jacky (his
hut is in Leeble Village) and ask him to repair it. Jacky fixes the exterior, but says the
spindle is broken and he can’t rebuild it without knowing the music box’s song. Return to
Bear Tony, who says he can’t remember it, but that there is someone named “Christina”
who can remember. Tony also gives you a RAINBOW MARBLE. Christina is located on
the other side of the forest. To get there, return to the hospital and give the RAINBOW
MARBLE to Sue. She’ll give you another Peanut Chew Chew. Go to Kisaburo’s room,
give the Shift Leader (who is blocking the boarded up door) a Peanut Chew Chew to get
her to take another break. Now you can chop down the boarded up door in Kisaburo’s
room, which will lead you to the other side of the Forest.


5.) Once through this door, go to the right to the Onsen (Kisaburo’s Hangyojin form is
sitting in the hot springs), and follow the path down to the bottom right corner of the
map. Enter the cave and talk to the bear known as Christina. A door opens behind her
once you finish talking.



Walkthrough Part 2:

Runebearer #2: Tony (no pun intended, ohohoh)

1.) Looking through Christy’s dresser yields a note that indicates there’s a secret passage
somewhere in her room. The hidden passage is in the wall between the bookshelf and the
stack of books in the corner. Go downstairs, and search the drawers to find Christy’s
Dresser Key. Return to her room, and unlock the bottom dresser drawer to get the
CRAWLSPACE KEY. Return downstairs and now you can go through that door. Solve
the box puzzle to reach the treasure chest, where you’ll find a letter to Tony as well as
instructions for making wings:
Instructions for making wings:
-6 feathers
-8 stickers
-backpack straps


2.) Return to Christy’s room and exit through the bottom door. After the cutscene, you’ll
be in the hallway of the 2nd floor of the house. To get through the house and find all the
wing components, you’ll have to find and turn on 3 power sources located throughout the
house (blue, red, yellow). Once these sources are on, you can turn on and off the
corresponding color switches in the control room (which is the room directly to the left
once you go down the stairs to the 1st floor). Different on/off combinations yield
different results. If a light is on above a door, that means it’s unlocked. The 5 upstairs
rooms are also represented by the 5 lights in the control room.


3.) Where everything is located, and how to trigger it:
The combinations and the rooms they unlock are as follows (numbers from left to
Blue (only) ON: 2nd floor, 1st room from the left (the piano room)
Red (only) ON: Red treasure in the control room opens
Yellow (only) ON: Yellow treasure in the control room opens
Blue and Red ON: 2nd floor, 4th room from the left (Chess room)
Blue and Yellow ON: 2nd floor, 3rd room from the left (Benny’s room)
Red and Yellow ON: 1st floor, room at the very top (guest room)
Blue, Red, and Yellow ON: the barrier in the 5th room (path to attic) is removed
The power sources are located:
Blue Power Source: 1st floor, central bottom part of the map
Red Power Source: 2nd floor, 1st room from the left (must solve piano puzzle)
Yellow Source: 2nd floor, 4th room from the left (must solve chess puzzle)
Piano Puzzle:
This puzzle can be solved by listening to the melody that will play when you interact with
the regular sized piano downstairs from this room. You have to play the toy pianos
upstairs in the correct order (the order that matches the melody). The order is as follows:
1 5 3
4 2
Chess Puzzle:
A note on the floor explains what “Queening” is. When a Pawn reaches the other side of
the board, you can turn it into a Queen. In the room downstairs from the Piano room,
there is a chess board on the table that you can examine. You’ll need to copy this
formation by pushing the life-sized chess pieces upstairs to match the board downstairs.
However, the Pawn needs to be turned into a Queen first, which you can do by pushing it
to the opposite end of the board.
Wing Material Locations:
6 Feathers:
Control room (1st floor, directly left of the stairs) (turn ON yellow switch)
Secret room that you access via passage in Christy’s wall
Benny’s room (2nd floor, 3rd room from the left)
Laundry room (2nd floor, bottom room on the left)
Room below the Piano Room (2nd floor, 1st room from the left and then go downstairs)
1st floor in the leftmost corner of the map (near the Kotatsu and bookshelf)
8 Sticks:
(x2) Control room (1st floor, directly left of the stairs) (turn ON red switch)
(x2) Secret room that you access via passage in Christy’s wall
(x2) Water the beanstalk in the 1st floor dining room by using the BUCKET and filling
with water from any sink in the house. Climb the beanstalk to this secret room.
(x2) See “Glue” instructions for how to get to the secret passageway. Then use the
SECRET PASSAGE KEY that you get from Benny’s letter in the Chess room (2nd floor,
4th room from the left)
Glue: Go into the closet on the 1st floor (down near the bottom right part of the map),
then find the secret passage that’s in the wall to the right of the boxes. Once in this
passageway, walk exactly 13 steps and then interact with the wall to reveal another secret
passage. Follow the path upwards until you get to the secret room. Glue will be on the
Backpack Straps: 1st floor near (central bottom part of map, near the blue power source)


4.) Once you have all the wing materials, make sure that all switches (blue, red, yellow)
are in the ON position and head upstairs. Go into the 5th door from the left, and go
upstairs to the attic. You’ll build wings and get to talk to Tony on the other side of the
divide. Once Tony disappears, a treasure box appears and you can get CHRISTY’S


5.) Fly back to the other side, and return to Christy’s room (2nd room from the left). Use
CHRISTY’S JOURNAL KEY to unlock her journal (the heart shaped book on the right
side) which makes a door appear. Go through and you’ll see Tony’s song.
*Note: There is one pet that you can only get during your time in this house (Ogee the
Cat). See instructions at the end of the walkthrough for how to find him. Remember, you
can’t get him once you go through the final door in Christy’s room that leads to Tony’s



Runebearer #3: Kisaburo

1.) When you return to the hospital, you’ll be prompted to visit Kisaburo’s room to see
what’s going on. After a brief cutscene, you can go through the formerly boarded up door
in his room to reach the other side of Morizora’s Forest. Find and talk to his alter-ego (a
Hangyojn who is sitting in the hot springs which is to the right of that map). Hangyojin
Kisaburo ask you to see if his wife Kazuko could use any help with their tea shop.


2.) Return to the map to your left, and visit the Midnight Tea Shop there. Kazuko will ask
for two things (venture to the Skylands to give a free sample of tea to “Monsieur Bud,”
and get Dragon Ash from Stormey the Dragon, who lives in the cave next door). The
proceeding questline is outlined as follows:
a.) Use BUCKET to water the plant in Sue’s room in the hospital, which will make the
beanstalk grow (the beanstalk is located in the map directly to the left of Leeble Village).
Climb beanstalk and head to the left. While you’re there make sure to collect all the
Nightstone (3), Lumen Rock (3) and Camphor Sticks (5) you can find because you’ll need
it to make a pickaxe later on.
b.) Go to the cave up top to begin the Monsieur Tea questline. This part is pretty
straightforward; you have to serve the correct tea to 3 different guests. You also serve the
“Sila Berry Special” to Rupert on a practice run.
Nettie = Rose Assam
Desmond = Candy Cap Pu-erh
Dorlando = Apricot Vanilla
After you finish serving all 3 guests, return to the Servant’s Quarters, talk to Mom and
say you’re “Ready for Bed,” then talk to Sugarbaby in order to turn in for the night. After
you hear noises, return to the Servant’s Quarters and take the door on the top left which
leads to the kitchen. Keep heading upwards until you discover the Crumble thief.
c.) Leave the Skylands and return to Leeble Village, where you’ll need to visit
Blacksmith Jacky in order to have him build you a pickaxe. A fast way to get to the other
side of the forest (and to Stormey) is to take the shortcut via the cave in the lower left part
of Leeble Village. You’ll of course need the pickaxe to clear the rocks blocking that path.
In that cave, talk to Stormey the Dragon. She’ll ask you to clear an obstructed path using
the SCALE FLINT that she gives you.
d.) Follow the top-left path in the cave until you reach the obstructed waterway. Interact
with the boulders in order to use the SCALE FLINT. Once the boulders are cleared,
return to Stormey and she’ll give you the DRAGON ASH.
e.) Return to Kazuko at the Midnight Tea Shop in order to report that you have finished
these things (Stormey’s cave connects the Leeble Village to the other side of the forest, so
take the exit directly under Stormey to reach the Midnight Tea Shop section).
After reporting back to Kazuko, she’ll suggest that you all go together to bring Kisaburo
the Hikaribana as a gift. But when you get there, he’s missing, and a Rakuen door opens
which leads to a series of cutscenes that culminate with Kisaburo singing his song. After
all this is finished, you’ll be back in the Midnight Tea Shop. Kazuko thanks you, and a
door/portal will open up in the shop which leads to the previously inaccesible room in the
hospital (top right). Here you’ll watch a brief cutscene where Uma explains about the
water pumps in the hospital. Once he leaves, turn on that water pump in order to drain the
lake that’s in the map directly left of Leeble Village (the same map where Sue is waiting,
and where the beanstalk that leads to the Skylands/Monsiuer Bud is).



Runebearer #4: Sue

1.) Go to the map left of Leeble Village and walk across the drained lake until you trigger
Sue’s dialogue. She’ll drop a pink ribbon with a bell on it, which you’ll need to pick up
(PUCHI’S BELL). Take the bell and return to the side of the Forest where the Midnight
Tea Shop is… but instead of going into the shop, interact with the Dog Spirit (“Puchi”)
who is waiting underneath the pink tree. She will follow you now that you have the bell.


2.) Return to the map directly left of Leeble Village, and go into the small cave in the
lower left corner of the map. Sue is gone, but Puchi will bark at the wall triggering a
Rakuen door to appear. Going through the door brings you to a city, where you’re now
playing as Puchi the dog. These next scenes are pretty straightforward.


3.) Eventually you’ll want to interact with the cat (Toma) who is at the top of the map (to
the right of the convenience store, and sitting next to a few garbage bags). Toma makes
you a deal: bring Toma food and you can join their group. Enter the convenience store to
learn that Koji (the convenience store employee) is worrying over the fact that his black
cat, Loony, did not come home last night. Once you leave the store, return to Toma who
will let you into the alley in order to talk to Loony. Bring Loony back to Koji in the
convenience store, who will give you some fish cake. Bring the fish cake to Toma.


4.) The next scenes are mostly expository… The only time you have to do anything is
when you’re playing hide ‘n seek (Sue is hiding in the structure in the middle of the
playground). After the cutscenes finish, you arrive on an empty street road. Keep walking
up until you reach Uma. After he says goodbye, he brings Uma back to Sue, and she
sings her song.


5.) You arrive back in the cave where you started. Danielle will remind you that Star
Night is soon, and prompt you to help Panky and Cora if you haven’t already. If at this
point you haven’t collected all the marbles for Sue (there would only be optional ones
remaining), here is the location of all the marbles:




Cat’s Eye Marble – Jacky makes you take it after he builds you an axe.
Amber Marble – You can get this marble via the boarded up door in Uma’s room.
Rainbow Marble – Tony gives this to you after you agree to find Christina in order to
learn the forgotten music box song.
Flower Marble – In the small cave that’s in the lower left section of the same Skylands
map where you can enter Monsieur Bud’s mansion. To get here, visit the map left of
Leeble Village (where Sue used to be waiting). Climb the beanstalk, follow the bridges
to the left. On that next map, go all the way to the lower left of the map, and you should
see the small cave.
Celestial marble – A gift from Sugarbaby once you complete the Monsieur’s Tea quest.
Leeble Ramune Bottle – from Star Night



Star Night:

1.) If you haven’t yet, pick up the Star Night quests from Panky and Cora. Both have huts
in Leeble Village. Panky wants you to collect 40 Sila Berries (which can be found
throughout the Forest), and Cora wants you to collect 6 Fireflies (southeast of Leeble
Village, in the Skylands, around the hot springs, etc.) and 5 Reeds (scattered throughout
the forest near water). To catch Fireflies, you need a JELLY JAR, which can be obtained
in Panky’s Hut from his helper.


2.) Turn in the quests and talk to the Leeble Chief (the Leeble right out front of the Inn in
the center of the village). Go to Star Night. When you’re ready to leave, speak with
Kazuko and drink the Midnight Tea. Note: There are 3 items you can only receive during
Star Night (Saffron the Goldfish, Aoboshi Matsuri CD, and the Panky Doll… see notes
below for how to get them)



Runebearer #5: Mom

1.) Once you wake up, you’ll be prompted to visit Winston (the map right of Leeble
village). Speak with Winston to get the Hikaribana, and then use the door that’s next to
Winston/Gemma’s tent to return to the hospital. The hospital looks different, but the
layout is the same, so walk to the Boy’s room. In the Boy’s room, go into the portal in the
upper right corner.


2.) Find the “to do” list (which is the book on the table/kotatsu). Leave the room. The
work papers are found in the rightmost room in one of the drawers. The laundry needs to
be turned on, that’s in the leftmost room. You can fill the BUCKET either with this sink
or the one in the kitchen, and then water the Bonsai plant that’s int he hallway. Go left
and down into the kitchen to turn on the rice cooker. Return to the main room and answer
the phone.


3.) The next time you can control the player, you’ll be in the Boy’s room. Find paper and
crayons in the drawer to the Boy’s left. Talk to the Boy to start making the Kami Kabuto.


4.) When you are in the lobby, get a Green Tea from the vending machine. When the
earthquake starts, exit the room via the lower exit. Continue walking south until you
reach the lowest door on the map. Go inside.


5.) The next time you’re in the Boy’s room, talk to the Boy and choose “Speaking of
Water”… then answer the phone when it rings.


6.) When you’re in the big room (the room with Danielle, Cora, the Doctor, etc.), read all
3 of the bulletin boards, and then talk to the Doctor.


7.) When you are in the long, dark hallway filled with Envoy, just keep walking up.
Eventually you’ll be able to interact with Yami. Just keep choosing to talk with him even
though he pushes you back. Eventually the option to “Sing to him” will appear; choose
that. This leads to Mom singing her song, and all 5 Runebearers performing the final
5-part song “Mori no Kokoro.”


8.) At the end of everything, Mom will ask you if you’re ready to go to Morizora. This
leads to the end of the game, so if there’s anything else you want to do (buying or finding
items for the Patient Lounge, talking to characters, etc.), then you can say you still have
something to do. When you’re ready to finish the game, you can return here.



“Patient Lounge” Item/Pet Locations: (in no particular order)

-Onion Air Freshener – Leeble Village (upper right in the treasure behind the rocks)
-Fun Wall Stickers – Winston’s Beach (in the treasure blocked by rocks)
-Sila Berry Bean Bag – Wooden Sign Day Party (map below Winston – you’ll need to
help the Wooden Sign retrieve his “security bean bag”)
-Golem Child Doll – Morizora’s Cave (the door is in the room where you encountered
Sue’s alter-ego, it’s blocked by bamboo)
-Frog Pet – Morizora’s Cave (the door is in the room to the left of where you got the Pig…
it’s also blocked by bamboo)
-Cora Doll – Cafeteria from Danielle
-Goldfish – Star Night from Winston’s fishing game
-Ogee the Cat – Tony’s House (parents’ bedroom closet, which is in the rightmost room on
the 2nd floor). You need the MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET KEY, which can be found
in the Spare Bedroom’s (1st floor, room at the very top) bathroom, inside the laundry
-Pet Bird – In the Leeble Protection Agency, from SuperRoo
-“No Holds Bard!!!” concert poster – Lil Budz Room (top left room in the dormitory area)
-“Airplane Sky Scene” – In the map below Leeble Village (in one of the lowest treasure
-Tiny Planets CD – Go to the map south of Winston’s Beach and follow the path until you
get to a lookout area with a dancing Leeble named Steven. He’ll give the CD to you.
-The Spirit Envoy CD – In a treasure box in the Skylands accessible by the beanstalk on
Winston’s Beach. The corresponding “twin” vase that you’ll need to water is found in the
hospital room that you accessed via the Midnight Tea Shop.
-Lil Budz Remix CD – In the hospital room that you access via the Midnight Tea Shop.
-The Keepers CD – In the well beneath Leeble village.
-Ao Boshi Matsuri CD – Star Night (from talking with Dale, one of the dancing Leebles)
Items that Cost Money:
Panky Doll – Star Night from Leeble Danielle (10g)
Monsieur Bud Painting – In the Tavern of the LPA from Kreyg (40g)
Skybud Tea Set – Korshal Island Artisan (50g)
Korshal Pillow – Korshal Island Artisan (25g)
Book/Boardgame Shelf – Cora (30g)
Little Indoor Trees – Cora (20g)
Chess Set – Cora (15g)
Children’s Television – Mike (30g)
Jukebox – Mike (15g)
Watermelon Bean Bag – Mike (50g)
Fancy Desserts – Tan (25g)
Samurai Helmet – Tan (10g)
Tanabata Tree – Tan (35g)
Shimeji Doll – King Spore (10g)
Glowshroom Lamp – King Spore (30g)
Wallshroom Lights – King Spore (40g)
(*Note: in order to buy anything from King Spore, your Rad Karma has to be at least 20…
each time you step on a Badshroom, you get +1 Rad Karma… and each time you step on a
Radshroom you get -1 Rad Karma… these mushrooms are located throughout Morizora’s cave).


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