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Raven’s Cry Cheats

8 March 2016, Tuesday, 2:21:28

You can call the console by “~” key and input all commands there. Most of the game commands
require cheat code activation, to do that use one of the followig commands (in console):



Cheat commands:

God X – be a God when X set to 1 and return to mortal world when it’s 0;
ec.dbg levelupX – up character level to X value
(no space at the end, i.e. ec.dbg levelup10 ups level to 10 points) ;
AddSkillPoints X – adds X amount of skill points;
Addgold X – adds X amount of gold and become rich and famous;
health – heal yourself
ai.killall – make mass murder;
kill – kill the target;
ec.ResurrectUnit – tried command from above or accidentally killed a wrong person in blood rush?
Not a problem! Go close to lifeless body, set target to it and use this command.
game.crash – never try it ! I warn you.

hero.AddReputation X Y – adds reputation for selected fraction.

-=Where X is a fraction number=-
Player 0
Neutral 1
England 2
Spain 3
Netherlands 4
France 5
Pirates 6
Moneylenders 7
Defaultenemy 8
Ally 9
Avery 10
Kensington 11
Santorio 12
Bixby 15
StLucia 500
SantorioDocking 501
FinalBackGroundAlly 20
FinalBackGroundEnemy 21
And Y is a count of points to add.
hero.AddReputation 2 100 – adds 100 points to England.

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