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Realms of Arkania: Star Trail – Difficulty Levels

18 August 2017, Friday, 16:29:38


Difficulty Levels

As soon as you start a „New Game”, you are asked to select the difficulty level. The difficulty levels do not change the values of monsters or talent tests, but only the scope of rules. All rules are active in the advanced mode, while they are all switched off in the beginner mode.


You can change the difficulty level anytime during the gameplay and adjust the game to your preferred settings. The prompt at the beginning of the game is just a preselection.


Each one of the following options can be selected or deselected.

– Common diseases (including frostbite)

– Rare diseases

– Blunders during a fight (only for heroes)

– Random battles after resting

– Necrophobia and dares during battle

– Characters need food

– Characters need water

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