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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard All Chem Fluid Recipes Guide

26 January 2017, Thursday, 20:16:51


All Chem Fluid recipes
There are a total of eight Chem Fluid recipes (4 Chem Fluid and 4 Strong Chem Fluid combos). The following is a list of all Chem Fluid recipes:



Chem Fluid recipes

Chem Fluid + Herb = x1 First Aid Med
Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = x10 Handgun Ammo
Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = x100 Burner Fuel
Chem Fluid + Supplements = x1 Psychostimulants


Strong Chem Fluid recipes

Strong Chem Fluid + Herb = x1 Strong First Aid Med
Strong Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = x10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo
Strong Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = x2 Flame Rounds
Strong Chem Fluid + Supplements = x2 Neuro Rounds


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