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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard All Madhouse Mode Antique Coin Locations Guide

25 January 2017, Wednesday, 17:19:40


All Madhouse mode Antique Coin locations
Search the indicated locations to find all 33 Antique Coins on the Madhouse difficulty and get the the “Mad Pelicans” achievement. The Antique Coins on the Madhouse difficulty are different from the Easy and Normal difficulty. There are 33 Antique Coins on the Madhouse difficulty and only only 18 on Easy and Normal, and their locations are different. All Antique Coins are missable. If you progress too far, you will be unable to access certain areas. There is no chapter select and you must collect all Antique Coins in one playthrough. If you die or restart checkpoints, you must find all unsaved collectibles again. You can view how many collectibles of each type you have found (except for videotapes) in the game stats. Antique Coins can also be used to purchase new items and weapons, such as the .44 Magnum, by inserting the coins into cages you sometimes come across.


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