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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Birthday Room Story Puzzle Solution Guide

24 January 2017, Tuesday, 14:13:15


Birthday Room story puzzle solution
At one point during the story, Lucas will lure you into the room that you saw earlier on the videotape. However, there is a twist. Your predecessor did not survive Lucas’ games, but there is a way to trick him. The important part is not to get the Winding Key from the Keg. Opening the Keg will spill oil on the floor that will burn you alive. The puzzle goes a little differently than the previous one. Complete the following steps to solve it:

1. Pick up the Candle, walk to the cake, and listen to Lucas.

2. Light the Candle at the stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. Enter the room behind door and enter “LOSER” as the code.

3. Grab the Valve Handle and use it in the cake room. Since you did not spill oil from the key, you will survive.

4. Lucas will then throw a bomb into the room. Break open the barricade in the corner and throw the bomb through the hole in the wall to solve the puzzle.

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