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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Birthday Room Videotape Puzzle Solution Guide

24 January 2017, Tuesday, 14:03:57


Birthday Room videotape puzzle solution
After escaping the Old House, you will have to find two keycards to open the locked gate in the yard during the “Get the Serum Ingredients from Lucas” mission. On the way to one of those keycards, you will reach a child’s room. Up in the attic is the “Happy Birthday” videotape. You will have to go here as part of the story — so the room is unmissable. Watch the tape using a TV to start the puzzle. Complete the following steps to solve it:

1. Pick up the Candle, walk to the cake, and listen to Lucas.

2. Open the code lock to get a Straw Doll. The combination is Chainsaw Man, Raven on Hat, and Baby. You can also see the combo by getting the telescope from the toilet, equipping it, running through the water in cake room, and looking at screens through telescope.

3. Get the Winding Key from keg in the cake room.

4. Burn the Straw Doll at stove to get the Dummy Finger.

5. Light the Candle at the stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. Enter the room behind door, and collect the Balloon in the corner.

6. Put the Balloon on the gas pipe to get the Quill Pen.

7. Put the Dummy Finger, Quill Pen, and Winding Key on the mannequin where you got the Candle.

8. It will now write the password “LOSER” on your arm. Enter the password on lock in balloon room to get the Valve Handle.

9. Put the Valve Handle on the pipe in the cake room. Light the Candle at the stove, then put it on the cake to solve the puzzle.

You will get the “Out Before Dessert” achievement if you solve the puzzle within five minutes. You can keep replaying the tape until you get the achievement, as it may take a few tries to beat the time limit.

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