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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Defeating all Bosses on Madhouse mode Guide

25 January 2017, Wednesday, 19:12:50


Defeating all Bosses on Madhouse mode
Use the following methods to quickly kill all Bosses on the Madhouse difficulty. These methods should work regardless of ammo count. It is recommended to use the Circular Saw in a lot of Boss fights. While pressing LT + RT (Xbox controller), it does massive damage and kills some Bosses within seconds. It also does not consume any ammo and can be infinitely used, making it the best choice for a melee weapon. The Circular Saw and Madhouse difficulty are both unlocked after completing the game once. You can also unlock “The Essence Of Defense” and “The Secrets Of Defense” items after completing the game, which cause you to take less damage from blocking. Add these to your inventory from the item box.

Mia Boss Fight #1 – Old House: Block her attack, attack once, and repeat. Always block, attack, block, attack, and repeat.

Mia Boss Fight #2 – Attic: This is actually one of the trickiest fights in the game. Collect all four ammo packs in the attic. Then, perform headshots on Mia. Ammo is very limited — so try not to miss a shot. Create a manual save before this fight. Use the full available space and let her cut down doors — when she does that you have a moment for easy headshots. Run in circles around the area and shoot her when you get a good opportunity.

Jack Baker Boss Fight – Garage: Get the lock pick in the garage, and use it on the locked box. Get the key from box, and use it to start car. Then, simply run him over with the car.

Jack Baker Boss Fight – Morgue: Simply use the Circular Saw to kill him in a few seconds. He will not even have a chance to attack you. Press LT + RT (Xbox controller) with the saw to inflict more damage.

Marguerite Boss Fight – Old House: She will throw you down a hole and spawn some bugs. Quickly shoot her in the head with a pistol before she spawns any bugs. Some flying insects are already there when the fight begins. Repeatedly press the Left Analog-stick to stand up and crouch so they cannot hit you.

Marguerite Boss Fight – Garden House/Greenhouse: Attack the thing on her belly with the Circular Saw. Hold LT + RT (Xbox controller) to inflict more damage. She will hardly have a chance to attack you and will mostly just try to run from your attacks.

Barn Fight: This is technically not a Boss fight, but you will encounter two fat enemies in this area. It is one of the hardest sections on the Madhouse difficulty. Use a grenade launcher with Neuro rounds to stun them. While they are stunned, follow up with enhanced pistol ammo headshots. Try to kill one of them as quickly as possible. Anything from the grenade launcher works well. Perform headshots on them since attacking their body does hardly any damage. Enhanced ammo makes a big difference with these enemies.

Mutant Jack Baker Megaboss: Mutated Baker has lots of weakspots all over his body. They look like orange eyes. Swing the Circular Saw around and block his strikes. “The Essence Of Defense” and “The Secret Of Defense” items make a huge difference since you will not take damage when blocking. You should have at least one of these after the first playthrough — so equip it. Just run around Jack’s body on the lower floor and press R2 quickly to swing the circular saw at his weakspots. This will not consume any ammo and he cannot attack you when you are at his side or behind him. Keep some enhanced pistol ammo or shotgun shells for the last part. After destroying all weakspots, he will quickly attack you, which you must block. There will then be a short window to get some hits in.

Mia Boss Fight – Old Ship: You only get to fight her if you chose to give the serum to Zoe. Pick up the crowbar on the floor. Then, do what you did in the first fight. Block an attack, then counter attack. Block, attack, block, attack, and repeat.

Eveline Final Boss Fight – Endboss: During the first part, block her shockwaves and run towards her between shockwave attacks. Block when she is about to do a shockwave. During the second part, when her faces comes from the wall towards you, shoot a powerful weapon at her eyes. She should moan two times and then grab you with her tentacles. Run left and right to get in a spot where she can grab you. The fight only continues if she can grab you, otherwise you die. During the third part, quickly shoot a powerful weapon at her face. Try to inflict a lot of damage before she lifts you in the air. While in air, shoot her eyes and use your strongest weapon, such as the grenade launcher or .44 Magnum.


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