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ROKH – Item Stats

18 May 2017, Thursday, 3:38:47


Item Stats
Every item has stats such as weight, crafting quality, pressure capacity, radiation reduction, and many more. Right click on an item to see these stats.




Stats are inherited from each part, component, and raw material that was used to create the item. Each item is unique because it is composed of many such steps from each of its ingredients, and each step changes the stats of an item.

For example, a Pickaxe might be composed of a Medium Rod which itself was crafted from the raw material Nv, and a Small Spike which was crafted from Iron. This Pickaxe will have different stats than a Pickaxe where both parts were made from Nv, or any other combination of raw materials.

In general, the better the raw material used to craft an item, the higher the quality of the item, but this depends on how you plan to use the item. For example, Lead has excellent radiation reduction when used in a habitat tile, but it has very low strength and hardness which makes it a poor choice for a hammer or pickaxe.

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