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Sairento VR Tips & Tricks

6 February 2018, Tuesday, 21:22:14


Tips & Tricks

-The Raider’s Mark, Tinkerer’s Mark, and Challenger’s Mark relics are great at helping you farm a certain kind of resource.

-Salvage relics that you no longer need for more fabricators. Fabricators are needed to craft new relics, or refine your existing ones.

-If health management is a problem, Leeching Strike is a great relic for melee weapons. It lets you drain life from your target.

-Builds that use a lot of Chakra can benefit from the Essence Steal relic, which replenishes the player’s Chakra with melee weapons.

-Infinite Ammo is a great mod to remove any ammo problems, but you’ll be giving up one slot which could be used for more DPS or utility.

-On the highest difficulty, you will be one-shot by everything. You’ll need to exercise good reflexes, positioning, and strategy to survive. Use relics that improve your Acceleration ability to give you an edge!

-Constantly running out of ammunition? Use Subspace Ammo (guns and pistols) or Focal Cast (Projectiles) relics to gain unlimited ammunition.


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