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Sea Dogs PC Cheat Codes

1 January 2018, Monday, 23:19:45


Cheat Codes

How to Activate The Cheats

Follow these simple steps;

Note: Cheats work only when at sea, Not in any town.


Step 1:
Push Shift+Capslock. (making capslock on)

Step 2:
Press Pause/Break. its the “Pause key”

Step 3:
Press Ctlr+Z about for 2 seconds

Step 4:
Enter a cheat code. There is no need for press “enter” key in the end.
(We recommend entering each cheat code one by one with repeating step 3 and 4)

Step 5:
Press Pause/Break key again, now, game is unpaused and the cheat codes should have worked…


Here is the list of the cheat codes;

now i flying – Control over camera (use ctrl+f)
have life – Full Repairs
deneg day – Get Rich Quick
get me magic – More Cannon Damage
expu mne – More EXP
make screen shots – No Cannon Damage
fire from camera – Press 0 on the keypad to fire from the camera
teleport – Teleport (use ctrl+L)


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