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Secret World Legends PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

31 July 2017, Monday, 21:06:45


PC Controls

The controls listed below are the default control scheme for Secret World Legends. To customize your control settings, click the menu icon in the upper left of the HUD, and then select SETTINGS. From there, select CONTROLS to add your custom control commands. You can also press ESC to automatically bring up the setting menu.



Move – W/A/S/D or arrow keys

Strafe – Q and E

Autorun – Numlock

Toggle run/walk – Backspace

Jump – Space

Enter Travel mode – Shift

Enter attack stance – Z

Assist defensive target – F

Assist offensive target – Ctrl + F

Target nearest enemy/ previous enemy – TAB/SHIFT + TAB

Target self – F1

Target group members – F2 – F5

Trigger active ability 1 – 7




Toggle framerate – CTRL + ALT + F

Toggle HUD – ALT + Z

Inventory – I

Character Panel – C

Ability Wheel – N

Mission Journal – J

Crafting – Y

Web Browser – B

In-game Shop – ,

Map – M

Achievement/Lore – L

Friends view – O

PvP stats and matchmaking – P

Cabal Management – G




Activate chat – Enter

Fast tell – CTRL + T

Fast reply – R

Invite player to group – /invite then enter the player’s name

Send a private message to a player – /tell then enter the player’s name

Send a message to players in your group – /group

Perform an emote – /emote then TAB to provide a list of emotes




Abort Action – ESC

Camp to Character Selection – Alt + F10

Use Object – U

Take screenshot (png format)/Take screenshot (jpeg format) – F11/ALT + F11

Print character position in chat – F9

Print character position to clipboard – Alt + F9

Print extended character position in chat – Shift + F9

Auto Loot – V

Activate command input – / slash

Copy active text region – Ctrl + C

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