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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Cheat Codes

20 August 2017, Sunday, 20:11:21


Cheat Codes

Cheat 1 – How to Get All The Weapons

Open up the console using ~ tilde (above TAB key)

type in:

press enter

then type in:

alternatively set it to 3:

…this will enable developer cheats hotkeys. Close the console with ~.
Use either of these two hotkeys for all weapons cheat:
Keyboard: o
Vive controllers: LGrip, RGrip, LGrip, RGrip



Cheat 2

You can play an arbitray level of your choice by opening console using the tilde button (left of number 1 key, above Tab key) and pasting or typing this console command:

gam_strLevel=”Shaanti_02″ gamStart()

This would start the second level of the Shaanti planet.

A few more examples:

gam_strLevel=”Earth_03″ gamStart()
gam_strLevel=”Valtos_04″ gamStart()
gam_strLevel=”Pladeon_02″ gamStart()
gam_strLevel=”Arcadia_Minor_04″ gamStart()

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