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Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Cheat Codes

20 June 2017, Tuesday, 18:51:12


Cheat Codes

Press the console key `or tilde ~ (between the Tab and ESC keys) and type “e_cheats 1” to enable the developer cheats. Note this will show “Cheats enabled” in the top right of you screen. Turning off cheats again via “e_cheats 0” marks your current game as “Cheated” in the top right of the game.

Cheat Code     Effect

god 1      God Mode
unlimitedammo 1     Infinite Ammo
unlimiteddash 1        Infinite Dash
give_experience NN      Gives Experience
listenemies       You will get a list of all enemies (actors) in a level


Note: Cheats will disable your ability to get achievements however and a little red “Cheats Enabled” text appears in the top-right of your screen.

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