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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – NEW LEADERS AND CIVILIZATIONS

7 February 2018, Wednesday, 22:52:20



Nine new leaders and eight new civilizations are introduced. Each brings unique bonuses and gameplay, as well as a total of eight unique units, two unique buildings, four unique improvements, and two unique districts.




• Leader Ability – Arthashastra – Can declare a War of Territorial Expansion after gaining the Military Training Civic. Increased Movement and Combat Strength for the initial turns after declaring a War of Territorial Expansion.



• Leader Ability – Mongol Horde – All Cavalry class units have increased Combat Strength and chance to capture defeated enemy Cavalry class units.

• Civilization Ability – Örtöö – Starting a Trade Route immediately creates a Trading Post in the destination city. Receive an extra level of Diplomatic Visibility for possessing a Trading Post in any city of a civilization. All Mongolian units gain increased Combat Strength for each level of Diplomatic Visibility on their opponent.



• Leader Ability – Swift Hawk – If a Mapuche Unit defeats an enemy unit within the borders of the enemy city, that city loses Loyalty.

• Civilization Ability – Toqui – All units trained in the cities with an established Governor gain more experience in combat. Increased Combat Strength against civilizations that are in a Golden Age.



• Leader Ability – Favorable Terms – All Alliance types provide Shared Visibility. Trade Routes grant Poundmaker increased Food in the sending city per Camp or Pasture in the receiving city. Trade Routes grant Poundmaker increased Gold in the receiving city per Camp or Pasture in the receiving city.

• Civilization Ability – Nihithaw – Trade route capacity and a free Trader with the Pottery Technology. Unclaimed tiles close to a Cree city come under Cree control when a Trader rst moves into them.



• Leader Ability – Bannockburn – Can declare a War of Liberation after gaining the Defensive Tactics Civic. Increased Production and Movement for the initial turns after declaring a War of Liberation.

• Civilization Ability – Scottish Enlightenment – Happy cities receive additional Science and Production, generate more Great Scientist points per campus, and increased Great Engineer points per Industrial Zone. Ecstatic cities receive double these amounts.



• Leader Ability – Hwarang – Increased Culture and Science in all cities with an established Governor.

• Civilization Ability – ree Kingdoms – Mines receive more Science if there is an adjacent Seowon district. Farms receive increased Food if there is an adjacent Seowon district.



• Leader Ability – Amabutho – May form Corps (Mercenaries Civic) and Armies (Nationalism Civic) earlier. Additional Base Combat Strength to both Corps and Armies.

• Civilization Ability – Isibongo – After conquering a city, its Loyalty per turn is stronger while the city is in occupied status.



• Leader Ability – Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith – Increased Faith for several turns after declaring a Protectorate War. Each Envoy you send to a City-State of your majority Religion counts as multiple Envoys. (Must have a majority Religion.)

• Civilization Ability – Strength in Unity – When making a Dedication at the beginning of a Golden Age, receive its Normal Age bonus towards improving Era Score, in addition to its Golden Age.



• Leader Ability – Radio Oranje – Your Trade Routes to your own cities provide Loyalty per turn for the starting city. Trade Routes to foreign cities or from foreign cities have increased Culture to you.

• Civilization Ability – Grote Rivieren – Major adjacency bonus for Campuses, eater Squares, and Industrial Zones if next to a river. Culture Bomb adjacent tiles when completing a Harbor.


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