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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Strategic Resources

16 July 2017, Sunday, 17:42:06



Strategic resources are not always visible at the start of the game; they may require knowledge of a particular technology before they appear on a map. For example, researching the Bronze Working technology will reveal Iron on the map.

Strategic resources allow you to build certain units. When you construct an improvement on a strategic resource hex, it provides you with that resource.

To produce a strategic resource unit in a city, the player needs 2 of the resource. If the city has an appropriate military district (Encampment for land units, Harbor for sea units, Aerodrome for air units), the player only needs 1 of the resource. To purchase a strategic resource unit, the player needs 2 of the resource.

You can see how many units of each strategic resource you have available on the top of the main screen.


Strategic resources are: Aluminum, Horses, Coal, Iron, Niter, Uranium and Oil.

IMG_6513 IMG_6514

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