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Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island Achievement Guide

20 May 2017, Saturday, 23:03:41


Details for every single Achievement.

Story related
Story related achievements – cannot be missed.


Rocket Queen
Pick up Jetpack gadget


I Can See My House From Here!
Get to the top of Clover Mountain


If I Could Turn Back Time
Pick up Time Orb gadget


Grown Outta Proportion!
Get to the top of the Progenitor’s Sanctum


Physical Attraction
Pick up Magnetic Glove gadget


Froggers Gonna Frog
Jump across the lava river in The Satis-Factory


Clover Islander
Explore all of Clover Island


Master of Disaster
Blow up CRT’s reactor


Viva La Revolución!
Get to the broken bridge in CRT’s Citadel


Beam Me Up, CRT
Go to Space


Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Finish Game



Acrobatic & Miscellaneous – in order

Such A Lazy Stacy
Idle 1 minute


Respect The Elderly
Just Do it


Makin’ Pancakes!
Flatten 10 Lo’a
You can do it when you save your first one Lo’a. Just ground pound him 10 times. Faster if you have more Lo’a.


Spirit Animal: Bottlenose Dolphin
Do 100 Long Jumps
After you first unlock the Jetpack, just keep using the rocket roll jump until you get it.


Pizza Delivery!
In the factory
in the big area with the first clolumn who had the Crunching Ball, just get close to door at the ground floor.


Big Air!
Be in the air for 5 seconds
Can be combined with the next one. When you first release the Crushing Ball, just unleash your ground pound in air. You can also get it again further to another spot.


Coming In Hot
Ground Pound dive for 3 seconds
Can be combined with the previous one. When you first release the Crushing Ball, just unleash your ground pound in air. You can also get it again further to another spot.


Missile Hot Potato
Catch a missile and throw it at an enemy


Fudge It Dude. Let’s Go Bowling.
Defeat 10 enemies with Crushing Ball
Later in the factory, you’ll come across a Crushing Ball with dozen of ennemies. Just shoot that ball !


Get hit by a hammer
Further in the factory, you’ll encounter many hammers. Just stand in a way of one of them to get it.


Trampoline off of 10 consecutive mushrooms



Fighting related
You’ll get these 3 achievements while doing one of the three fight moves.


No Biggie
Defeat a swarm bot


Puppy Love
Defeat 50 swarmbots


I Guess You’re A Cat Person
Defeat 100 swarmbots
Can’t Touch This
Defeat 10 enemies without losing health
After you get used to the ennemies, you’ll get it easily.


You can do 3 type of attacks, punches, spin attacks and ground pounds. Just keep using these until you get the related achievement :

Eye Of The Tiger
Punch 50 enemies


She’s A Maniac
Spin Attack 50 enemies


Get Down Tonight
Ground Pound 50 enemies


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