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Slay the Spire Cheat Codes

21 January 2018, Sunday, 15:54:58


Cheat Codes

How to save-scum

Save-scumming 101 in Slay the Spire

-To scumbag-save your current progress:
-Start playing Slay the Spire
-Go to your …\\Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\saves folder
-Copy the IRONCLAD.autosave (or SILENT.autosave or ???.autosave) file to a folder location of your choice


To scumbag-load your saved progress:

-Quit Slay the Spire
-Go to the folder location where you copied the IRONCLAD.autosave file to
-Copy the IRONCLAD.autosave (or SILENT.autosave or ???.autosave) file to your -…\\Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\saves folder
-Restart Slay the Spire and click on “continue”



How to unlock cards & relics faster

Faster card & relic unlocks 101

To unlock cards and relics faster…

-Play a game of Slay the Spire as far as possible (ideally up to the last campfire before the last boss on dungeon level 3)
-Save-scum-save the game (see section above)
-Fight against (ideally: defeat) the final boss –> you’ll receive experience
-Save-scum-load the game (see section above) –> you’ll receive experience AGAIN save-scum-YAY!


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