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Sniper Elite 4 All Collectible Locations Guide

14 February 2017, Tuesday, 15:59:48


All collectible locations
Search the indicated locations to find all Sniper Elite 4 collectibles (Deadeye Targets, Sniper Reports, Letters To Home, Letters From Home, Lost Letters, Documents, and Duty Rosters). None of the collectibles are missable. You can collect missing items at any time using mission select. There is a collectible counter for each mission which displays how many items of each type you have found. All collectibles are saved automatically when you obtain them. Thus, you can return to the title screen without having to reach the next checkpoint, and you do not have to collect them again if you die. A lot of letters, documents, sniper reports, and all duty rosters are dropped by enemies. When looking at them through the binoculars, it will usually show if they have a collectible item. You can also see their name through the binoculars — so compare with the name in the video to find the right person. Or simply kill everyone and loot the corpses. Some of the collectibles are not from enemies and actually hidden throughout the game. Deadeye Targets look like eagle statues and you must shoot them down.


Mission 1: San Celini Island (31 collectibles)

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