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Sniper Elite 4 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

15 February 2017, Wednesday, 18:09:30


These are the default key bindings for the video game Sniper Elite 4:

Mouse – Look/Turn

Mouse button 1 – Shoot, Tag Enemies (when looking through Binoculars)

Mouse button 2 – Scope for Rifle, Fine Aim for SMG & Pistol

Mouse scroll Wheel – Cycle Weapon, Zoom In/Out (when using Scope or Binoculars)

Wasd – Move

1 – Sniper Rifle

2 – Secondary Weapon

3 – Pistol

4 – = – Select inventory item

space – Action (Climb/Vault, Use Turrets, Pick up/Drop bodies)

b – Binoculars

q – Radial Menu

right Mouse button – Switch rifle ammo type in radial menu

e – Empty Lung, Melee Kill

r – Reload, (Hold) Pick up Weapon

Z – Search Body

f – Use equipped item

c – Change stance (tap to Crouch, hold to go Prone)

shift – Sprint

left – alt Walk

tab – Current Objective

left ctrl – ADS (Aim) view for Rifle

M – Map/Objectives

y – Chat

u – Team Chat

v – Voice Chat

H – Environmental Tag

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