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Solstice Chronicles: MIA – Drone Skills Guide

27 July 2017, Thursday, 0:59:01


Drone Skills
-Increases threat by 1 per scouting run
-Delivers ammo, special ammo, suit upgrades and cruel weapons
-Call near defence line
Use when
Low on ammo
Preparing for bosses
Don’t use when
While moving


-Increases threat (Don’t overuse)
-Stuns bosses when damage > 5k
-Range increases while damage decreases
-Green area won’t harm marine while damaging enemies
Use when
Taunt bosses
Wipe out huge ambushes (use with taunt)
Don’t use when

While moving


-Blocks and pushes back small threats
-Slows down high threats
-Decreases threat when overcharged but will spawn high threat (which one can be seen in the upper right corner)
-Overcharge does damage
Use when
Protecting area and you can’t move
Hint: Use in combination with safety zone
Don’t use when

Not needed


-Decreases threat by 3
-Increases danger level by 2 (Don’t overuse!)
-Required on mission “reduce threat to minimum”
Use when

Threat high
Don’t use when

When threat ∓ 6 if you don’t know what you are doing

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