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Sonic Mania PC Cheat Codes

30 August 2017, Wednesday, 0:08:29


PC Cheat Codes

Note: An Xbox controller required.

Level Select:
Select the ‘No Save’ option on the far right of Mania mode with Debug Mode enabled and then press the ‘Menu’ button followed with Y and together.

Note 2: If you do not have controller use these combination: Enter + Q + W (Keyboard)


How to Enable The Debug Mode

To use cheats such as alternate modes, And Knuckles and Debug, you must go into Mania Mode and hover over the ‘No Save’ icon on the right. Next, press Y to activate these options. Here is how you use each mode:

-And Knuckles will add Knuckles as a second character, even to Knuckles!
-Debug is activated by pressing then the jump buttons to place and rotate through options.
-Mania’s move is a Drop Dash (hold jump in the air), Sonic CD’s by holding Up then jump, and Sonic 3 and K Insta-Shield by pressing jump in the air.


Alternative Method for PC Players;

Sonic Mania PC How to Access The Developer Menu Easily

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