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Star Trek Timelines Achievements

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 23:41:16



To Boldly Go
Witnessed the devastating effects of the temporal anomaly crisis.


Logic Under Fire
Defeated Regent Worf and drove the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance from Vulcan.


The Art of War
Ensured the supremacy of the Augments or the Klingons as the galaxy’s strongest warriors.


It’s time to earn your place in Starfleet!


Never Forgive, Never Forget
Ended lawlessness in Bajoran and Cardassian space and handed control to a single faction.


Hostile Takeover
Gave the Grand Nagus seat to Rom and his progressive Alliance, or Brunt and his Traditionalist followers.


Ethical Alternatives
Put the future of the Federation in either Section 31 or the Terran Empire’s hands.


Con Permiso, Capitan
Become Q’s right-hand Captain in the galaxy.


When Falcons Clash
Gave control of the Romulan Star Empire to Sela and the reluctant Romulans, or Shinzon and the victorious Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.


The Killing Syndrome
With approval (or disapproval) from the Xindi, allowed the Dominion to be hunted to near-extinction, or ended the Hirogen hunt.

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