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Staxel Admin Commands

31 January 2018, Wednesday, 13:52:06


Admin Commands

/advanceTime amount (0.0-0.1) – Advance time
/ban username [reason] – Ban a user from your server
/cameraCapture camera_save_file_path – Unknown
/cameraCapture – Unknown
/cameraPlay [duration (0.0-1.0)] [loop (true/false)] [saved_camera_file_path] – Unknown
/cameraReset – Unknown
/cameraSave camera_save_file_path – Unknown
/cameraStop – Unknown
/changeMood increase/decrease (true/false) – Unknown, true/false seems to map to increase/decrease
/creative [username] [start_creative_mode (true/false)] – Enable creative mode for a player
/creativeMode [on (true/false)] – Enable or disable creative mode for the server
/currentTime – Get the current ingame time
/describeitem [username] – Unknown
/ditto [username] villager_NPC_code – Unknown
/doemote emote_name [use_look_at_entity (true/false)] – Emote!
/emote emote_name – Emote!
/enablecheats – Enable cheats – this will disable Steam achievements!
/entityInfo entity_id – Get information about an entity
/fly [username] [start_flying (true/false)] – Enable flight for a player
/Give all recipes [username] – Give all recipes to a player – TODO: Check syntax
/givepetals username amount – Spawn in some extra money for a player
/help [command_name] – Get a list of commands, or information about a specific command
/kick username – Kick a user from your server
/mute username [length_in_minutes (default: 60)] – Mute a player
/noclip [username] [start_noclip (true/false)] – Enable flight for a player and allow them to fly through the ground and other solid objects
/op username – Give someone else admin access, this will also allow them to do the tutorial with Farm Fan
/pe expression_atlas [display_time] – Unknown
/plantgrowth – Unknown
/playExpression expression_code [display_time] – Play an expression
/players – List online players
/position [username] – Get the position of a player
/qs [start_flying (true/false)] – Unknown
/quickStart [start_flying (true/false)] – Unknown
/reload – Unknown
/resetplayer – Unknown
/saveDesign filename – Unknown
/saveOutfit filename – Unknown
/seed – Get the world seed
/spawncoins [username] petal_amount – Spawn some money for a player
/spawnitem [username] item (kind/specification {}) – Spawn an item for a player
/spawnmaterial [username] material_name – Spawn an item for a player – use the material name from the asset manager
/spawntile [username] tile_code – Spawn a tile for a player – use the tile name from the asset manager
/stealpetals amount [remove (true/false)] – Unknown
/stopTime – Stop time
/teleport [username] location (\{0, 0, 0\}) – Teleport a player to a specific location
/tileAt [location (\{0, 0, 0\})] – Get information about a tile in a specific location
/tp player_1 player_2 Teleport player_1 to player_2
/unban username – Unban a user that you banned previously
/unmute username – Unmute a user that you muted previously
/weather type (sun, rain, snow, storm or weather code) – Change the weather


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