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Staxel – Tools

1 February 2018, Thursday, 13:15:13



Tools are how you interact with the world. You can receive a select few from Farm Fan in the tutorial, or you can buy tools in the Grocery Store run by the villager Leif.


Axe: Cost 40 and sells for 24, used to chop wood, Trees and Legs on the ground.

Bug Net: Cost 60 and sells for 36, used to catch insects, and sometimes special things.

Fishing Pole: Cost 50 and sells for 30, used to catch junk and Fish.

Hammer: Cost 10 and sells for 6, used to move decorative and building blocks.

Hoe: Cost 10 and sells for 6, use to till the ground so you can plant crops and getting rid of grass on top of blocks.

Milker: Costs 80 and sells for 48, used to milk Cows.

Pickaxe: Costs 40 and sells for 24, used to mine stone, and un-till dirt

Scythe: Cost 30 and sells for 18, used to harvest seeds from tall grass and flowers, can also harvest or clear crops out.

Shovel: Cost 40 and sells for 24, used to dig dirt and grass blocks, and through magic water as well.

Smoker: Cost 60 and sells for 36, used to calm bees when they make honey so you can gather it.

Watering Can: Cost 40 and sells for 24, use to water crops without it they will not grow.


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