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Steel Division: Normandy 44 PC Controls & Hotkeys

11 January 2018, Thursday, 4:15:28


PC Controls & Hotkeys

Options->controls gives you a comprehensive list of configurable key bindings.

Left-click – Select a unit. Left Click-drag mouse to select multiple units at the same time – a window with them all appears on the bottom edge.
Double left-click= Select all local units of same TYPE.
CTRL + Left-click to select all units of the same TYPE.
ESCAPE’ to pause solo game;
F5 to Quicksave.
Shift + Left-click on a unit to add/remove it from the selection.
TAB cycles focus through each unit type in selected group. E.g., draw a box and TAB to select arty.
Ctrl-# 0 to 9 assigns that as hotkey for selected unit(s).
Double tap # to snap to the group.
CAMERA”’ Movement by WASD or arrows. MMB+mouse rotates view Scroll wheel – Zooms.

Hold SHIFT when giving orders to queue them to the last one given (e.g., waypoints)

COMBAT MOVES:Left-Shift shows normal orders sky blue, Fast vehicles blue, attack mode red. Left-click – Select a unit (holding the button will allow you to select several units at the same time) Right-click on destination to move there directly OR Right-Click on enemy to order Normal Attack F + left-click =Vehicle moves Fast using roads w/o seeking cover. U=Unload from transport vehicle. Y+Left click to Unload at click position, will auto cover if it is active and cover is near. Q- Left-click to HUNT=seek and engage enemy at clicked location or move to engage, using cover

Z = Riposte=only fire if fired on X= Spread out a group of selected stationary units E = STOP – end moving and shooting. G=Move vehicle in reverse away from enemy R=Retreat unit toward safety to recover {click?) V = evacuate aircraft from the map

T-Left click =Shoot Target position (see aim timer) B+ left click=fire arty smoke at clicked position. J=Call linked off-map arty to shoot. N=Auto-Cover (toggle) automatic movement to nearby cover. PLAYER BEACONS: F1=Flare Attack, F2=Flare Defend, F3=Flare Help, F4= Flare Custom message ENTER = opens TEAM chat. SHIFT-ENTER=opens ALL chat H =Toggle weapons on/off (for stealth, save ammo) Deactivate specific ones on the unit display.



I = unit info card H= Toggle Weapons ON/OFF or click to deactivate. C = Line Of Sight from cursor, which shows cover as green or yellow cover when hovering over it; using a move order then moves it to the pointer location.

The Eye Icon on unit card shows LOS view from unit’s location. Left-SHIFT displays all orders given

Bullet icons=unit needs ammo; Resupply truck must be near the unit it is supplying and shows an animation while resupplying.

Spacebar centers on a recent event: #Upon a event (unit under fire, enemy unit detected, enemy or own unit destroyed et cetera; upper right), pressing Space moves and centers the screen at the location the current event has occurred (within a given fairly narrow timeframe).


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