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STRAFE How to Play the Secret Luftenstein 3D Game?

10 May 2017, Wednesday, 13:30:38


How to play the second hottest game of 1996? Luftenstein 3D. This game cabinet is installed within the Icarus scrapping ship, and can be played for a single game token, which are given out to all astronauts aboard the lovely vessel.

Here’s how to play!
First, you’ll find yourself in the welcoming room of the Icarus, on level 1-1. A fellow Astronaut should be there to greet you!



If you’ve lost or not received your game token, please kindly ask the greeter for a spare.





Simply take this token to level 1-2 of the Icarus class scrap ship to find the game cabinet.




Now get playing, gamers! Please remember the prize for completing the game is under lock and key, and will be rewarded through a computer interface once the game has detected completion.




ICARUS© Class scrapping vessel informative packet. ICARUS© Personel only. All rights reserved. ® 1990-1996.

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