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Stronghold Crusader HD Units Guide

14 July 2017, Friday, 14:26:42



Crossbowmen: These units are slow to move and reload and have a shorter range than archers. They are however very accurate and their deadly bolts can easily penetrate metal armor.


Spearmen: These are the melee troops you have access to and the cheapest to produce. Having no armor or makes them quicker than most troops and they prove useful for pushing ladders of walls and digging moats. They are also one of the few units able to use ladders to scale walls.


Pikemen: Their heavy pike and metal armor make pikemen slow to move but also make them the ultimate defensive unit. They are able to take a lot of damage and are ideal for blocking access to areas of the castle.


Macemen: These thuggish brutes are quick and deal out a lot of damage, making them ideal assault troops. They are not heavily armored and like spearmen they can use ladders to scale castle walls .


Swordsmen: These are your elite foot soldiers. Their heavy armor makes them the slowest unit in the game but when they reach their target they prove devastating. They have both great and defensive capabilities.


Knights: The ultimate trained soldier, knights are both fast and deadly in combat. They are also especially useful ful for surprise attacks, sallying forth from the castle to destroy siege equipment. Each knight needs a horse bred for him in your stables.


Tunnelers: These special units can burrow beneath the foundations of enemy walls and turrets, causing them to collapse. They are trained (for a cost in gold) at the tunneler’s neler’s guild.


Laddermen: If you cannot bring a wall down then these units will allow you to go over the top. Laddermen are cheap to produce but very vulnerable so need to be deployed quickly.


Engineers: These are perhaps the most versatile and useful unit in the game. They are required to build and man all of your siege equipment in and out of the castle. These units are trained in the engineer’s guild.


Black Monks: These are mysterious individuals to say the least. They are slow and cumbersome and with a quarterstaff. These can be trained in the cathedral.


Arabian Bows: These units are similar to their European counterparts and are relatively cheap to hire.


Slaves: These are the cheapest units in the game. They are armed with a torch and if they get through your defenses can reduce your castle to a smoldering heap of rubble.


Slingers: These units fire small rocks at their attackers and deal out some hefty damage but they only have a short range.


Assassins: These units can use a grappling hook to climb up enemy walls and are useful for capturing enemy gatehouses. The assassins are now invisible to your enemies and can be seen when they have been spotted by the enemy’s troops. An ‘!’ will appear above the assasins head to show you they have been seen.


Horse Archers: These fast moving mounted archers are a major thorn in the European’s side. Their ability to while on the move allows them to run circles around the opposition.


Arabian Swordsmen: These units are not as well armored as their European counterparts but they are a little quicker. .


Fire Throwers: These units throw fiery grenades of Greek fire at the enemy and are devastating to both buildings and troops.

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