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Sudden Strike 4 – Easy Mode vs. Hard Mode

10 August 2017, Thursday, 20:18:47


Easy mode vs. Hard mode

Sudden Strike 4 has different difficulty levels on all supported platforms.

The units, as well as the combat system are set up to create an authentic atmosphere of historical battles in terms of unit armour, weapon calibre, etc. This set-up may trigger gameplay situations that challenges even experienced players. In order to make Sudden Strike 4 more accessible, ‘Easy’ mode introduces a host of combat value modifiers, to simplify the challenge.

Stars: The stars received after the successful completion of a mission are differentiated by colour. The different colours are just indicative of the difficulty.

Difficulty selection: You will be able to set the difficulty level before starting a mission. The difficulty level will be set to ‘Normal’ by default.

Challenge mode: Challenges unlock in easy mode by completing the level with three stars. However, challenges are meant for experienced players and do not have a separate ‘Easy’ version, i.e. a challenge always starts in ‘Normal’ mode. If you fail to complete a mission in ‘Normal’ mode, a hint will pop up to suggest ‘Easy’ mode.

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